Ayurvedic Courses & Workshops

Kerala-style  Ayurvedic Massage Workshop £185

2 days 10am - 4pm

Learn traditional Keralan-style Abhyanga 4-handed and single massage technique. Authentic training provided.  Guidance on speciifc herbal oils & formulas to use/contradindications/usage). Theory and practical sessions both covered. 

Marma Therapy Workshop £185

2  days  10am - 4pm

Learn the secrets of Marma Therapy (Vital Energy Point Massage) Kalari style. Authentic training provided (both practical & theory).. Guidance on specific herbal oil 

and formula usage/contradindications/

usage). Theory & practical sessions both covered. 

Shirodhara Workshop £185

2 Days  10:00 am - 4pm

Learn the sacred Art of Shirodhara (warm oil pouring on forehead/third eye chakra).  Gain confidence in your practice and learn to master your skills & concentration. Guidance on speciifc oils

and  formula usage/contradindications/

usage). Theory & practical sessions both covered. 

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