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"Lara creates an atmosphere of trust and commitment to her work. We have experienced her thoughtful and caring application of Ayurvedic medicine in several regular treatments which have resulted in a marked improvement in our health and well-being. This is our first (my wife and myself) exposure to Ayurveda but we have become, through Lara, very interested and trusting in this unique form of treatment, having known very little about it in the beginning. Her approach is gentle and in-depth, explaining things as we go along and advising us with diet and food combinations. The Marma therapy is really quite marvelous and one can feel the benefits both during and after treatment. The Shirodhara (oil-pouring) is incredibly relaxing and takes the mind into a kind of meditational experience. Wonderful! We are both feeling the great benefits of Lara's work and have recommended her to our friends. There are few conditions which would not benefit from this kind of treatment and Lara is, in our minds, the bees knees!"

Graham - Company Director

"Had a course with Lara when I was going through the menopause. The Ayurvedic treatment was really helpful and I remain taking the herbs.  Lara was really understanding and supportive.  I particularly enjoyed the shirodara. I would definitely recommend anyone to come here".

Libby - Retirement Home Director

“When I first came here I was not sleeping hardly at all, I had been suffering from a nervous & anxiety depressive disorder and it was affecting my work. After completing 6 weeks treatment, I can honestly say I am having more confidence at work and sleeping a lot better and feeling happier overall.  Thanks a lot for your help".

Rahul -  I.T Consultant,  Berkshire



“I came to Lara two months back in total confusion with my mind and body. She is extremely kind, warm and non-judgmental and directed to me the right treatment. Few diet and lifestyle changes along with the herbs and therapy sessions has made my life so much better. (I have issues related to anxiety). Her therapy sessions especially 'shirodhara' has proved to be extremely beneficial for me. I feel I have control of my anxiety at the moment. I have better energy and better digestion too.  I really clicked well with Lara. I feel it's very important to have a good rapport with your therapist as well.  I would highly recommend the treatment“

Sri Vidya - Homemaker



“I had been experiencing migraine attacks and vertigo.  I have always been prone to these, but they had worsened recently for some reason.  I came for treatment here.  I was given a warm welcome and a medicated oil procedure 3 times a week with some medicine .  Slowly the attacks were occurring less and less and now i have learnt to avoid the "trigger" factors to prevent one coming on.   Very grateful for the advice and for the wonderful therapy treatments.  Lara is very patient, understanding and takes time to go through everything with you without you feeling rushed or pushed out - a refreshing change from my GP !"

Elaine - Creative Director



"After the first appointment I felt much better within a day or two.  The cough which I'd had for a couple of months disappeared, my digestion improved and my energy levels started to increase.  Lara is very easy to talk to and gives great advice and guidance".

Karen - Project Management Services



"I had been referred to a Rheumatologist through the NHS service and had been diagnosed with type of reactive arthritis, they couldn't really do anything for me as they said as there was no cure and I would just have to live with it.  They put me on a lot of medications including steroids which they said I would have to take long term.  However, the medicine wasnt really helping,  I still couldn't work as I was in so much pain and couldn't move my right leg.  My sister had successful treatment from Ayurveda in Hungary and it was her who encouraged me to seek alternative treatment here in the UK.  I was asked to follow a specific diet plus take some herbal medicine followed by some oil therapy treatments.  I started to feel a lot of improvement in mobility after about three to four weeks and the swelling and pain in the affected leg and arm had gone down.  I am now back to work thanks to you, Lara. and continue to be well and symptom free.  Thank you for your patience and kindness".

Michael - Garden Design Services



“I had been suffering with womens problems and feeling very lethargic for a long time due to low iron levels.  Lara started me on a course of herbal medicine  along with a recommended diet, within a week or so i was feeling the difference in myself.  I continued the treatment and follow ups and can say that the pain and other symptoms have been reduced significantly.  My digestion has improved and so has

my appetite and i have even lost some weight !  Feeling so much more

positive about the future ! ”

Sobhian - Civil Services



"I had been suffering from a long term urine tract infection and subsequently found myself having to constantly take repeat courses of antibiotics.   It used to really get me down.  I didn't understand why it kept happening or what i could do to prevent it. I could find no relief from over-the-counter remedies and antibiotics even wern't working well anymore!  I was recommended to go to see Lara by a work colleague of mine.  The treatment was started the same day, in fact she gave me some herbal powders and a special tea at the appointment and told me to wait there for a while.  I can honestly say that the symptoms started alleviating pretty quickly  I continued the treatment over the next few weeks with amazing results and the problem has stayed away".

Lianne - Company Director



“I came to this place for treatment for my menopausal symptoms.  I had been experiencing mood swings,  insomnia and hot flashes.  I was stressed with my job and my personal life had hit a crisis.   The GP was not very helpful with my symptoms (they haven't got time to be honest) and just wanted me to keep on the HRT, but having read about the long-term side effects, I wasn't keen.  I really hoped to find an alternative and that's when I discovered Lara, who was recommended by a friend. After beginning treatment,  I started getting relief from the symptoms and  I soon felt more able to cope with everything life was throwing at me !  I can honestly say the treatment helped me tremendously and now I am off the HRT ! Thanks so much for giving me the encouragement and helping to improve the quality of my life and health.  It's really worth giving Ayurveda a go for these type of things”.

Barbara - Corporate Finance Director



“I was in pain emotionally and physically. My business had suffered and one of the customer went into liquidation. I was so stressed and then I came across on Facebook and read the article on the Ayurvedic practice and thought to get in touch. I was first reluctant because it was very far from where I live. It was best decision I ever made. Helped me personally and the business. Lara is great! Very kind and willing to hear and understand the issues.Helped me with weight loss too. Recommended very highly“

Yogesh - Marketing Executive



"I came to see Lara a few months ago as i had a problem with my skin (rosacea) from the menopause.  I had managed to reduce my skin redness but my skin was not clearing up until I saw Lara.  She has been really helpful and caring, after talking about the diet she recommended to take an Ayurvedic herb and after 3 months my skin has completely cleared.  I'm feeling great and confident again! "    Merci Lara !!"

Catherine - Holistic Therapist , Brighton



" I have been having Ayurvedic treatment here and I am really impressed by the quality of service.  The practitioner and the therapists are very kind and caring and really take time to listen to your problems."

Liam - Financial Services Manager



"I've been here for shirodhara a few times and the treatment left me so relaxed.  The therapists are extremely polite and always there to answer any questions  Highly recommended".

Kamran -Engineering Services

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