Therapy Treatments

The therapy treatments are carried out by our trained therapists. We cannot always guarantee that you will see the same therapist each time as it depends which day you are coming in as our therapists work different hours/days. Abhyanga, Pindasveda and Udwarrtana may be carried out by two therapists simultaneously, however this is according to availability on the day. Before coming for your therapy, please do not eat beforehand (up to an hour before is advised). Also please do not consume alcohol for 24 hours before/after your appointment. You are advised to wear/bring loose, comfortable clothes. We request you to be considerate and come freshly showered for hygiene purposes. It is advisable to bring a head scarf or hat to cover your head to avoid getting cold (you will have oil in the hair), this is especially applicable in the colder months. Please switch off your mobile device when entering the clinic for your therapy. Please do not wear jewellery when coming for your therapy or bring any jewellery or excess items with you or if you do please put it away safely in your bag and take it with you when you leave. We do not take any responsibility for lost/misplaced items left at the clinic. Your treatment booking time is inclusive of changing & rest time. You will generally feel very relaxed after your treatment and you will most likely choose to plan the rest of your day quietly. Any children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during a therapy treatment.

Starting Treatment through Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an extremely well established and developed medical science which works perfectly well with a high success record when adhered to corrrectly. It is primarily a Preventative Medicine practice but is also helpful in treating existing problems. We ask you to understand that ultimately you have to take responsibility for your own health and follow all principles and advice for the best possible outcome of treatment. Please bear in mind, some chronic imbalances (or disorders) take substantially longer than others to show signs of improvement. Ayurvedic medicine is not considered a quick fix, but it is without side effects and will not lead to any other ailment or disorder. In order to see an improvement in your health and well being we ask you to commit to the treatment protocol for the minimum recommended period of twelve weeks. It is important that you remain positive about the treatment for the best outcome. There is a lot of love, compassion and genuine care going into your treatment which we are offering with our full hearts, precious time and knowledge. We ask that you do not not combine Ayurveda with any other alternative treatment principle without checking with us first. If you are taking Allopathic medicines, this is normally fine but it is advisable not to take them at the same time of the day as Ayurvedic forumulas. Some precautions may be necessary if you are taking blood thinners or steriod medications. Any interuption to your program can deter from the healing process, therefore please be regular for your sessions and avoid booking any vacation during the stretch of your treatment plan unless absolutely necessary. AyurCare UK is to a Primary Care Medical Clinic. Whilst your practitioner may take your blood pressure, vital signs and perform some examination techniques similar to a routine medical examination, your practitioner is evaluating their findings from an "Ayurvedic perspective" only and not from a Western (Allopathic) perspective. Ayurveda offers an approach of simplicity and treatment is plain and simple. Treatment focuses on identifying and treating the root cause. Emphasis is on bringing the mind and body back to balance by balancing the digestive fire and eliminating/neutrailsing toxins or negative thoughts or emotions. Your overall treatment plan will involve regular monthly follow up appointments. The first follow up appointment will be recommended within two to three weeks so we can check how you are getting on with the herbs/formulas, diet etc and prescribe the second line treatment. We ask you to commit regularly to these appointments. If there is any reason why you cannot maintain the appointments, please do reach out to us to discuss this. We are here to help you and will happily work with you to try to find a solution. You are responsible to book your own follow up appointments. To do this please go online on our website and request an appointment through the Bookings Calendar. Alternatively, give us a call and we will book you in. If we have not heard from you or you have not booked a follow up appointment within three weeks of attending your initial consultation, we will send you an email reminder to book. If you have not responded to the email or made an appointment we will then telephone you to remind you. If we have not heard back from you within three months of attending your initial consultation, we will assume that you wish to discontinue treatment..

Contraindications of Massage Treatments

In accordance to standard Ayurvedic practice, there are exceptions to having a therapy treatment/massage. In general anyone experiencing ANY of the following please advise us upon booking request as it may affect your ability to receive the selected treatment : Infectious skin condition or skin condition with itching, oozing, severe acne, redness or hives, scalp infection/dandruff, open cut or wounds, severe bruising, high temperature or fever, cold or flu virus/cough, auto-immune disorder, diabetes (type 12) severe circulatory disorder, heart condition, epilepsy, thrombosis or embolism, recent injury/surgery/scar tissue, pregnancy or suspected pregnancy before twelve weeks gestation.

Medicines/Herbs Disclaimer

Medicines are dispensed on a prescription basis and are subject to a consultation and for the use of patients of this clinic only. They are pre-set at the recommended retail cost provided by the provider and will be charged separately from your consultation fee. There are no profits made from the sale of Ayurvedic medicines/products. There is no definition of the legislation as to what constitutes a practitioner of traditional herbal medicine. It is recommended (in accordance with the AAP UK legislation) and as mentioned above, that all herbal supplements and oils only be used as prescriptions following consultations and are not sold separately. This is in accordance with the UK legislative provisions for herbal medicines. Herbal medicines are exempt from licensing requirements providing they are supplied subsequent to private, personal consultation and provided they are produced to traditional standard non industrial methods. No written claims maybe made for the use of these remedies. All the plants and herbs used in the preparation of Ayurvedic herbal supplements, medicines and oils are sourced from the Indian subcontinent and prepared in Sri Lanka/India by a trusted laboratory. The constituent element for each suppliment, medicine and oil are traceable by the producer to its original source. The plants and herbs are subject to a strict ecological standard regarding methods of cultivation and harvesting which takes into account the environmental effect of production of supplements for medicinal use. The plants and herbs are subjected to quality control and laboratory testing for harmful elements, parasites, fungi. The required purity, potency and quality of the supplements, medicines and oils is assured. The producer and laboratory is a tested, private, specialised company led by Ayurvedic physicians with particular and extensive experience of Dravya Guna or Ayurvedic Pharmacology. The traditional methods of preparation are carrried out under the strict supervision of experts who are Doctors of Pharmancy (Pharm.D.) and specialised Ayurvedic technicians. The supplements, medicines and oils are stored in appropriate conditions untill they are ready for export to ensure they retain their potency and quality.


Panchakarma consists of Five works (panch: five, karma : action). It is normally carried out when a disease becomes chronic and more stubborn or difficult to treat. The procedure is known for revitilization of cells, tissues and organ systems. It helps stimulate the self-repair mechansims reversing bad actions and diseases. It normally involves a minimum of three weeks' duration in an Ayurvedic hospital.

Privacy Policy

AyurCare UK does not disclose, give or store any personal informtion about our visitors without prior consent unless required for law enforcement or statute. We collect no information about you when visiting our site unelss you choose to provide us with that information. If you do provide us information pertaining to yourself we will only hold that information for as long as is required to respond back to you or to fulful the stated purpose of communciation or treatment.

Treatment Packages/Courses

All courses require pre-payment upon booking and are valid for three months from date of commencement. It is not our policy to offer refunds or part-refunds for any course that has already commenced. Any course of treatment paid for in advance and not completed cannot be taken at a later date beyond the initial three months period unless there are specific circumstances. If for any reason you are unable to start your course on the date agreed, please let us know.

Arrival / Late appointments / Cancellation

Please do arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive late we may not be able to accommodate your full appointment time. Any last minute changes to appointments will only be honoured if the time is available and other patients are not inconvenienced. If you are going to be very late (more than 15minutes) please kindly telephone and let us know. If you are very late your appointment may need to be rescheduled. If you arrive early and the door is locked, please wait outside and telephone us to let us know you are here. If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible by telephoning/emailing or using the online chat service.

Company Ettiquette

Please be courteous to other patients and staff by maintaining a quiet level of conversation. We wil not tolerate any inappropriate comments, suggestions or behaviour and we reserve the right to refuse or discontinue treatment in such cases.

Consultation /Appointment Fees

An initial consultation is charged at £60 and follow up consultation appointments are charged at £40. (excl. medicines). Children and student appointments are charged at half price. Online Zoom consultations are subject to the same fees. If you are consulting online via Zoom, medicines/products may be posted out to you (postal service is subject to a minimum postage/handling fee of £4.95). You may also collect your prescription from the clinic or request someone to collect it for you. Please either telephone us to request a convenient time to collect or book a Collection Slot online.

Discontinuation of Treatment

It is your right to discontinue treatment with us at any time. If you wish to do this please kindly inform us of your decision as soon as possible so we may discharge you as a patient and take you off our system so we can allocate a space for someone else.


Any payment taken for a consultaton or therapy serivce that has already ocurred cannot be refunded. We are not able to refund any products/medicines that have already been opened. We will accept unopened products for return only. You are responsible for returning these to the clinic either in person or by postal service (please used a tracked/signed for service). If returning these in person, please request to book a Collection/Return slot on our Appointments page.