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Low Libido/Decreased Sex Drive

For a woman, having satisfactory sexual life is as important as the counterpart. Low sex drive has emerged as one of the most common problems among women. It can be described as the absence of lack of desire to indulge in sexual activity. However, the good news is that it can be cured with some understanding of the root cause. Those who have low sex drive should take necessary measures to increase the desire to have sex else it can ruin their sex life and relationship with their partner. Given that remedies to this problem is easily available and accessible, there is no point in delaying the treatment.

It is important to know that there can be multitude of reasons for this problem. There can be many psychological causes for this problem including hormonal imbalances, some diseases, prescribed drugs or past traumatic events, or limited cultural beliefs . Also, there are some physical phases and life changing events such as pregnancy and post-partum stages, use of drugs and anaemia that can trigger this problem. Moreover, it has been found that psychological causes are the most problematic. These might be harder to deal with or come to terms with, however not impossible, as they also include abuse, stress, previous issues in the relationship and anxiety, and many more.


Women who want to undergo Ayurvedic treatment for treating the problem of low sex drive should enquire with a qualified Ayurvedic sexologist practitioner. Chances are that there might not be a single cause for this condition. It is only after performing complete tests that the expert would recommend the best available treatment. Remember that choosing the right professional is one of the primary steps in this case. Effective and timely treatment can help in curing low libido in women without any unnecessary delay.

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