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Kirtan Practice

" If you have ever thought about kirtan singing or mantras please come along to our next evening on Friday 22nd October with Holly Hood and friends.

Kirtan is part of the Bhakti yoga system and literally means devotion.

It’s a beautiful heart felt practice that often brings a deep connection to the Divine".

Or you can find us on Eventbrite.



What a beautiful autumn equinox celebration we had last night with kirtan, mantra and story with the very talented Holly Hood

Autumn is a time to let go of that which does not serve us.

Thank you to all who shared the evening with us.

The event has been very successful to date and we have decided to make this more regular.

Next Kirtan will be held on Friday 17th November.

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Mental Health Through Ayurveda and Indian classical Music Therapy

A Theoretical & Demonstrative Session

Saturday 27th May @ AyurCare UK

The Mental Health Aspect told by the

treatise in Ayurvedic texts.


With Dr. Shubham Kulkarni , Ayurvedic Consultant & Music Therapist

Introduction & Dhanwantari Stavan & Omkar chanting

Informative talk about Indian Classical Music & its importance in healing the mind

Presentation case papers and research papers

Question-Answer Session

Complimentary Raga to present the effect of Music Therapy

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