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Mantra (Sound) Healing

The Vedas are the collective wisdom and experience. The Vedas show us that health & well-being is much more than the physical aspect we tend to focus on. The mantras and prayers for health always link the body, mind, senses, vital energies (prāṇa) and awareness.


 “May you live a long life” and “may you live to be a 100” 

Through my wise teachers and experience of others' suffering, there is much I have learned about “being there” for someone unwell and the role of prayer in one’s well-being.

"Oh Prana, bestow upon me long life, the vital air called prana, the vital air called apana, the vital air called Vyana, sight, hearing, mind, speech, body and firm support.  Bestow all that in me and everyone".

There are a large number of verses or mantras dealing with the healing arts and the promotion of healthy longevity.  These are the Ayurmantrah, Laghunydsah, Suryanamaskara mantra, Arogya mantra.  Whether you are looking to maintain your health or improve your health  or raise your energy vibration/frequency then these sessions can help you in doing so.  If you are in need of some specific deeper healing, then these sessions can also benefit you.  In a Mantra Healing Session I will spend time with you on a one-to-one basis reciting the most powerful Mantras for your personal healing.

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