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Due to change in the lifestyle and dietary pattern due to modernization has given a wide path to many Genealogical problems.

Nowadays, Uterine fibroids is becoming a main concern in Reproductive stage of life.

FIBROIDS are the Non-cancerous growths seen in uterine muscles that develops during childbearing years in women’s life.  It is a compact mass made up of dense fibrous tissue & smooth muscles that is found in uterus.

Other Names- Uterine Fibroids, myomas, and leiomyomas.

The cause of fibroids isn’t well understood. there are several Risk factors which includes  family history of the fibroids, obesity or early onset of puberty as described below.

Some symptoms includes heavy menstrual bleeding or prolonged periods also the pelvic pain. In some cases, there are no symptoms.

Treatments includes medication and removal of the fibroid.




In Ayurveda it is known as Garbhashaya- gata Granthi

ETIOPATHOGENESIS-   Fibroid can be compared to Mamsa arbuda in Ayurveda. 

Doshik Involvement – Vata and Kapha

Vata is unstable and it tends to increase with the use of Apathya Aahar and Vihar(unwholesome diet and  lifestyle). 

  • Increased Vata                        

  • impaired ovarian hormone secretion                     

  • creation of Kha-vaigunya 

  • in Garbhashaya i.e. it makes Garbhashaya susceptible for Garbhashaya Arbuda.

  • Increased Vata causes vitiation of Kapha

  • Srotorodha and formation of Granthi

  • Again vitiated Vata enhances  the rate of cell division which results in formation of GarbhashayagataArbuda. 

Another view regarding Samprapti is-

In the Samprati (pathogenesis) of Granthi

Dosha- Kapha

Dushya-  Mamsa (muscle fibers), Rakta and Medo Dhatu are vitiated. In some studies it is found that there is an association between obesity and an increased incidence of uterine leiomyomas

The  increase in Kapha (biological energy responsible for creating structures) production in body.

  • It Weakens the powers of Pitta (biological energy that is responsible for transformations)

  • Increased Kapha & weakened Pitta                 

  • reaches reproductive system

  • accelerates the excessive smooth muscle production in uterus

  • Increased Kapha slows down egg production at ovary

  • weak pitta(fails to rupture the egg on time)

  • Cyst develops (of Fibroids)


Signs and Symptoms – 

It Requires a medical diagnosis–

  • It include heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Prolonged periods and pelvic pain. In some cases, there are no symptoms.

  • Pain in the areas:  abdomen, lower back, or pelvis

  • Menstrual: Abnormal Menstruation, Heavy menstruation, irregular and painful menstruation, or spotting

  • Abdominal distension or cramping

  • Swelling present in lower Abdomen.

  • Frequency of Urination(Pressure Symptom)

  • Dull and continuous back pain.

Risk Factors for Fibroids –

  • Age: It generally appear after in women’s 30s and 40s (fibroids usually shrink after the menopausal transition).

  • Race: African American women are two to three times more succeptible than the women of other races/ethnicities.

  • Family history: women with a mother or sister who had fibroids are more prone to develop fibroids.

  • Obesity: women who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop fibroids than healthy weighted women.

  • Diet: consuming a lot of red meats like beef and pork is linked to higher fibroid risk on the other hand consuming a diet that is rich in green vegetables lowers the risk.

  • Early menstruation: women who started menstruating before the age 10 are at a higher risk than women who started menstruating after age 10.


Ayurveda is very effective in the treatment of Fibfoids.

There is promising results observed in several studies in Ayurveda.

CAC Treatment comprises of Oral Medication with the herbs which are 100% natural and very effective with no side effects.  This formulation is enriched with several herbs which act to shrink the fibroids, along with balancing the hormone levels thus keeping your uterus healthy.

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