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Before any treatment starts it is important to attend an initial consultation.  Through a personal one-to-one we will then devise your bespoke healing program for you using Ayurvedic diagnosis methods including pulse and tongue analysis to assess your unique constitution type and current state of health. 


In addition to this we will talk about your current diet and lifestyle habits, medical and genetic history, current life trends, work and personal/family relationships in order to address and treat any problem at the root cause level.  As part of the process, please be prepared to open up a bit about yourself. 

We will discuss how small but positive changes can be incorporated into your lifestyle for your improved health and well-being and in accordance with your personal Ayurvedic Health Plan.  Changes may consist of some adjustments to your eating habits (food and drink) and some initial formulas may be suggested.  A treatment plan will be formed addressing a particular condition or looking to maintain your health in line with your constitution. Ayurvedic therapy treatments may also be recommended as part of your healing program. 

The length and type of treatment depends on each person as different levels of support are required to maintain individual healing.  Some people will require only a few appointment visits, others will benefit from longer term treatment.  We will give you an indication of approximate treatment time at your initial consultation.  We recommend that you attend the first consultation in person if possible.

You can book your initial consultation online or by telephoning us directly.  You may also telephone for a Pre-Consultation Enquiry/Assessment if you would like to discuss options or have any questions as regard to beginning treatment.

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