How Ayurvedic Medicine Encourages Weight Loss

Nobody enjoys dieting. It’s clouded by a sense of deprivation and even if it works temporarily, it’s not sustainable. Who has time to count calories, and more importantly, who wants to live a life of restriction? If you’re looking for a more harmonious weight loss method, Ayurveda could be the route for you.  Ayurveda, ancient India’s timeless lifestyle and system of natural medicine, teaches that weight loss isn’t only about what you eat, but about how you eat. There’s no calorie counting.  Rather, it embraces a holistic understanding of how food relates to the body. Good digestion is emphasized, ensuring that food is converted into healthy body tissues rather than a toxic buildup that can cause weight gain.

It provides a refreshing categorization of food that has nothing to do with fat grams or nutritional profiles. And it offers lifestyle wisdom that supports the body’s natural rhythms. Once you understand the why’s behind its theories and put them into action, the pounds effortlessly melt away. Weight less becomes less of a chore and more of a natural part of your nutrition journey. Alongside a balanced diet of "soul" foods, there are four basic Ayurvedic methods and philosophies which should be incorporated into any weight loss program.

Please contact us directly for further details and prices.  Our Weight Loss programs are provided on a three months' treatments basis and include your initial consultation, herbs and therapy applications.


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