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Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

1. Eliminating Fatigue
Ayurvedic massages stimulate blood circulation, which encourages the quick removal of metabolic waste and replenishes the skin, muscles, and cells. As this process continues, internal organs receive more nourishment, allowing them to more easily flush out toxins. This leads to instant relief from pain, as well as increased stamina that will last throughout the day.


2. Promoting Sleep and Calming the Nervous System
What could better promote deep sleep than the sensation of being wrapped in someone’s loving arms? This is the exact feeling that many experience during an Ayurvedic massage. With the warmth and aroma of custom-blended oils, as well as the gentle touch of the therapist’s hands, your anxieties will be melting away before you know it. Ayurvedic massages have also been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. For those reasons, Ayurvedic massage is a wonderful evening experience for people who struggle with insomnia or other sleeping disorders.


3. Stimulating Weight Loss
Many people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. One of the main reasons why many choose  Ayurvedic massage is that they promote weight loss, without any side effects. The medicinal oils and gentle massaging loosens toxins in the skin, and stimulates your body’s removal of waste, impurities, and fat. Combining daily massages with regular exercise can be a healthy way to support weight management.


4. Increasing Longevity
As toxins are removed from the system, your body is able to function with more ease, thus increasing longevity. Furthermore, over time, stress, anxiety, and a poor diet cause our body’s chemistry to become acidic, which decreases our lifespan. Thankfully, Ayurvedic massages reduce acidity and promote alkalinity in the blood.
Moreover, the healing Ayurvedic oils used in this practice are tailored to suit your body type, thus bringing you into balance. According to Ayurveda, maintaining balance is the key to a long life. If living longer isn’t enough, Ayurvedic massages also make you look younger by increasing the moisture content in your skin, making it lush, soft, and supple.


5. Enhancing the Immune System
Regular Ayurvedic massages are a time-tested approach to preventative medicine. The gentle kneading, rubbing, and pinching of skin, as well as the application of medicated oils, stimulates your body’s production of antibodies. Furthermore, these techniques help drain the lymphatic system in order to detox the body of harmful toxins and make way for fresh white blood cells.

* We use the best quality, pure and authentic Ayurvedic medicated/herbal oils. All oils we use are organic and cold pressed to enable maximum benefits for your healing and experience.

Pindasveda (Hot Poultice Steaming with warm oil massage)



A technique performed using hot herbal poultice bags containing therapeutic herbs which are steamed, dipped in oil and worked over the body, concentrating on muscular and joint areas. Good for muscular aches and pains, frozen shoulder and upper back/lower back muscular tension. Soothes the nerves, reduces pain, swelling and stiffness. Reduces stress, aids better sleep, removing signs of stress and fatigue, improves and smooths skin texture. This treatment follows a warm medicated oil massage of the back area.

Shirodhara (Warm Oil Pouring)



Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Warm oil (or other liquid) pours in a continuous stream over the forehead or ‘Ajna marma’(chakra) an area where nerves are highly concentrated. The pressure of the oil onto the forehead creates a vibration. The oil saturates the forehead and scalp and penetrates into the nervous system. Shirodhara cleanses the mind and has a soothing effect on the senses enabling us to let go of negative thoughts and emotions. The gentle pressure and soothing warmth of the oil allow the body, mind and nervous system to experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation. It initiates a soothing effect on brain cells through the peripheral nerves of the forehead going to the brain with calming and soothing energies which help to reduce stress and help with insomnia. The treatment follows a massage of the head,face, neck, hands and feet.

Abhyanga full body Ayurvedic massage is always recommended as a pre-requisite to a Shirodhara treatment.

Ayurvedic Massage + Shirodhara £150

Shiordhara + (Head, Facee, Neck, Hands & Feet) £95

Course of 3 £225

Abhyanga + Shirodhara Course of 3 £425

Udwartana (Herbal De-tox Scrub)


Indian massage with herbs ,therapy .jpg

A therapeutic oil massage is followed by a blend of powdered herbs being vigorously worked into the body to cleanse and exfoliate. Increases skin firmness and tone, nourishes and benefits the lymphatic system, good for weight loss as a part of our Ayurvedic weight loss program.

Kati Basti (Back /Knee/Heart/Stomach Oil Bathing)



Kati Basti is a lower back pain treatment in Ayurveda. It is a soothing and gentle treatment.  A reservoir of warm, herb oil is left on the lumbar area to infuse in order to treat many lower back issues including sciatica, painful discs as well as general stress. It penetrates deeper structures beneath the skin to help reduce inflammation.  Afterwards the oil is massaged gently into the area to complete the process. It is recommended as a weekly/fortnightly treatment therapy.    Ideal for backache, sciatica, muscle pulls, slipped discs , nerve problems.

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Netra Basti (Eye Bath with Medicated Ghee)


Woman having facial oil eyes mask at ayurveda spa..jpg

.A soothing eye treatment using specialized herbal ghee as an eye bath to rejuvenate sore, tired or dry eyes.  Also used as a treatment for eye disorders.

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Mukha Soundarya (Ayurvedic Facial)


Woman getting a massage _.jpg

Warm oil face massage using saffron oil (Kumkumadi Thailum) followed by herbal poultice and facial steam treatment.  Complete with herbal mask/poultice containing special ayurvedic herbs such as Sandalwood and Manjistha. Calming, healing, uplifting. anti-ageing and most rejuvenating, giving freshness and renewed glow.  Ideal for most skin types, including troubled skin.  This treatment includes a complimentary hand or foot massage of your choice.  Foot scrub Top Up £10.

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Marma Therapy (Energy Healing)


Relaxing massage. Woman receiving head massage at spa salon, side view.jpg

Marma Point healing is a traditional Ayurvedic technique that focuses hat focuses on activating the vital energy points in the body helping to sustain the flow of energy throughout your whole system. It facilitates healing from a deeper level within by connecting with your inner pharmacy and allowing the body to heal itself.  We can work on specific areas of healing with you.  This therapy is also recommended for general well-being purposes of body, mind and soul. The healing technique can be performed over light clothing if preferred.


Awareness and compassion is in our every heart. 
Therapeutic value of Marma Therapy:- 
Marma is beneficial for many conditions, including the following:
⦁    Muscular and joint pain
⦁    Frozen joints
⦁    Muscular strain
⦁    Respiratory conditions
⦁    Digestion and elimination problems
⦁    Nervous system disorders
⦁    Headaches and migraines
⦁    General aging problems
⦁    Glandular tissues
⦁    Anxiety and depression
⦁    Stress response, fears, and phobias
⦁    Confusion, memory loss, and mental focus
⦁    Low energy and fatigue
⦁    Breaking through limited belief systems.

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Abhyanga (Therapeutic Massage with warm oil)


Belly massage_edited.jpg

Abhyanga is a soothing, rejuvenating medium-pressured full body massage oil which begins with the Head & Face . The massage is done in a traditional and specialized manner starting from the head and then naval with warmed herbal medicated oil applied to increase circulation, nourish and revitalize the body tissues and to allow the toxins to be removed from the cells.  It is the classical therapy for Vata imbalance and to calm the nervous system, resulting in a decrease in stress and anxiety.


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