Your Consultation

Through a personal one-to-one I will devise your personal individual treatment/healing program for you, using Ayurvedic diagnosis methods including pulse and tongue reading to assess your constitution type and current state of health.  As well as this we will talk about your diet and lifestyle, medical and family/genetic history, current life trends, work and personal/marital/family relationships etc.  Please be prepared to open up a bit about yourself.

If you are agreeable, I will discuss how small but positive changes can be incorporated into your lifestyle for your improved health and well-being.  Changes may consist of some possible adjustments to your eating habits, lifestyle and may include medicines and external therapy applications. 


The length and type of treatment depends on each person as different levels of support are required to maintain individual healing.  It may be the case that you may benefit more from one of our specific Healthcare programs.  This being so, I will advise you and discuss these options with you at your initial consultation.

Your initial consultation appointment lasts approximately 60 minutes and follow-up appointments are approximately 45 minutes.  The price of an initial consultation (which includes a nutrition/element-based balanced diet sheet and personal plan) is £60. 


If you decide to opt for a specific Healthcare Program, your initial consultation, follow up appointments, medicines and therapy treatments will be included in the program fee.  Any consultation fee will be refunded against the cost of the program.  This also applies if you book any program within seven days of your initial appointment.  


If you would like to enquire beforehand how Ayurveda could work for you, please either contact me directly on 07526 717409 or email me :

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