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What our patients say 

"Great place to get healthy and energetic!" 

Dr. P. Krishna, GP

"I would like to thank you for treating me for fertility and life style. 

It has worked for me very well with positive results".

Anita, Company Accountant

"You have achieved something the specialists haven't for 40 years !  

Amazing gift you have - literally improvement after the first week  - incredible."

Nicola, Adult & Social Care

Close-up of hands of sporty young beautiful woman in white clothes meditating indoors, foc

Women's Health

It's been a blessing to find these people. The recommendations helped my body to recover and balance. Nature is wise, and she seems to have the gift of showing this to people in a kind way and with care".
Thank you!🙏

Anca, Bracknell.

Womens' Health

I was very impressed by Lara's knowledge and her commitment to finding the solutions to my health issues and to guiding me to the life style changes necessary to get me to my healing. These changes and the Ayurvedic remedies have really helped me to shift into greater health and wellbeing - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Keryn, Basingstoke  

Menstrual problems

I had a consultation and treatment recently for women's health issues.  Lara made me feel very relaxed and I spoke to her openly.  Her knowledge and professionalism is outstanding.  I experienced amazing benefits and results.  I would recommend her treatment methods happily to friends, family and colleagues with no hesitation.

Alice, Camberley.


Lara has been treating me for about one and a half months with herbs and medicines. Since then lots of good things have changed in me both mentally and physically . I'm so happy with the results. Even the first week I could feel the difference. Lara is very professional and clearly explains the treatment process. Thank you !

Szlvia, Woking


Wow ! This was an amazing experience ! I did hear bout Ayurveda but I wasn't very sure this would help me. Seriously I couldn't believe within my second visit I felt like a young man !  I was in pain physically before, emotionally and my head felt heavy. This was the best thing to happen to me. Lara took great care with full of kindness and humanity. helped me with my Diabetes as well.

Yogi, London. 

Blood Pressure

My blood pressure has stablished for the first time ever !  I am sleeping better and feeling better overall. My anxiety has improved so much. 

Angela, Farnham.

Mens' Health

It has been an excellent experience with AyurCare. Lara has helped me to find that right balance within my body and mind. She did a thorough review of my lifestyle, rightly identified those stress factors and toxic elements in my lifestyle, and helped to recover through right amount of medicines and therapies. I was fortunate to find her at the right time. I will highly recommend her. 

Umesh, Farnborough.


I started treatment with Lara some months ago for a fracture on my right knee. The treatment worked very well, within 10 weeks of taking the ayurvedic medicines there had already been significant signs of improvement according to the hospital scan, to an injury which had previously shown no signs of healing by itself. The specialist was shocked. Feeling very grateful that I managed to avoid surgery.   I am really impressed by the quality of service.  She is very kind and caring and takes time to listen and to address your problems.

Liam, Slough.



/Joint Pain

I felt very tired and weak after doing any activity.
Two months' treatment in, I walked 2500-3000 steps daily . My energy levels had improved and I was quite surprised at how much I could do. There has been less physical issues and steps now at 10,000. I am more mobile, stronger physically and psychologically and walking without a stick. 
I have found new life and dancing and I am enjoying my new liberation.

Preeti, Portsmouth.

Therapy Massage

I cannot gush enough about the Ayurvedic therapies, they are in a totally different league.

Debbie, Alton.

Chronic Excema

You have achieved something the doctors haven't for 40 years !  Amazing gift you have - literally improvement after the first week  - it's incredible.    My eczema, was so bad I was told by doctors I would need autoimmune medicine, but with Ayurveda skin has healed well and I only need occasional medicine. 
My health has improved a great deal and mental health too.

Alison, Southampton.


I would like to thank Lara for treating me for fertility and lifestyle.  It has worked very well for me !

Anita, Farnborough. 


I had a course with Lara when I was going through the menopause. the Ayurvedic treatment was really helpful and I remain taking the herbs.  Lara was really understanding and supportive.  I particularly enjoyed the Marma & the Shirodhara.

Libby, Petersfield.


I had been terrible experiencing migraines.  I have always been prone to these, but they had worsened recently.   I was given a warm welcome and a medicated oil procedure 3 times a week with Marma healing.  Slowly the attacks were occurring less and less and now I have learnt to avoid the "trigger" factors to prevent one coming on. Lara is very patient, understanding and takes time to go through everything with you without you feeling rushed or pushed out - a refreshing change from my GP !

Anne, West Sussex

Joint & Muscle


I had been referred to a  Rheumatologist . They couldn't really do anything for me as they said as there was no cure.  They put me on steroids which they said I would have to keep on taking. The medicine wasn't really helping,  I still couldn't work and I was in so much pain and couldn't move my right leg. I started to feel a lot of improvement after about three weeks of treatment.  I am now back to work thanks to you Lara and continue to be well.  Thank you for your patience and kindness.

Michael, Slough.

Mens' Health

When I first came here I was not sleeping hardly at all, I had been suffering from a nervous & anxiety depressive disorder and it was affecting my work. After completing treatment, I can honestly say I am having more confidence at work and sleeping a lot better and feeling happier overall.  Thanks a lot for your help.

Rohan, Reading.

Back Pain

Totally amazed at how quickly the tablets and combined massage treatment worked for my slipped disc pain.  I have suffered for 8 years in chronic pain on a myriad of pain killers that made me groggy and unable to function fully, and within a short period the pain has started to diminish !

   Pamela, Bordon.

Low Energy/Libido

I was feeling tired and less energy probably due to peri-menopause and life had become very hectic. Things had got worse recently and I felt stuck in a rut.  Ayurveda focused on rejuvenation for me and I really do feel so much energy after the treatment and have a new lease of life. I have even enjoyed travelling abroad.

Annette, Sussex.


My hair felt really good after the treatments. My hair was coarser and now feels a lot softer.  I feel so much better emotionally and my sleep has really improved !

Meena, Camberley.


"After only half a glass of the herbs within 20mins all my nausea and sickness went away. Before I felt like I had to go to hospital. Headache also cleared without having to take any paracetamol. 

Natalie, Farnham.


The Herbal Medications and nutrition was really easy to follow and have slowly built up to rebalance hormones naturally and thus reduce symptoms of menopause. It’s worked for me ! Thoroughly recommend Lara who takes the time to really analyze what’s going on and which treatments to suggest.  The Udwartana treatment - OMG so worth it ! still feeling the benefits 3 weeks later - my skin is so smooth now, no longer dry, it just glows.

Carolyn, Farnham.


I’ve had treatment sessions of abhyanga and shirodhara with Lara and I cannot recommend her enough. She is amazing and passionate for the work she does and goes extra mile to make sure everything is done to high standards. the outcome of the program was very successful !

S. Devi, Reading.

Back Pain/Disc Injury

It actually worked ! I was able to function on it. I was able to live my life off codeine and now I'm off all the medication. I'm in less pain than I've been in my life. Wow ! 

Penny, Hook


I have been interested in Ayurveda for a while and after taking a few online quizzes and never feeling they truly resonated with me I decided to have a personal consultation. I was not disappointed. Lara is so friendly and welcoming which makes it easy to open up.  I instantly connected with her assessment of my Dosha constitution. Having a better understanding of myself has allowed me to make small changes to my everyday life which have had a significant impact on my mental health, productivity and overall well-being.

Samantha, Reading.

Intestinal infection

I received a great help from Lara. She used a holistic approach to my problems and gave me natural medicine that worked brilliantly. Very high recommendations to everyone who is struggling.

Paulina, Odiham.

Chronic Fatigue 

Lara creates an atmosphere of trust and commitment to her work. We have experienced her thoughtful and caring application of Ayurvedic medicine which has resulted in a marked improvement in our health and well-being.  Her approach is gentle and in-depth, explaining things as we go along and advising us. We are both feeling the great benefits of Lara's work and have recommended her to our friends. There are few conditions which would not benefit from this kind of treatment and Lara is, in our minds, the bees knees!

Graham, Petworth.


  I found Lara to be very caring and she provided me with a diet together with Ayurvedic medication. she monitored my progress carefully.  There was a marked improvement in reduction of my blood sugar levels and renal function to the surprise of my  consultants . I would certainly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with their health.

Paul, Woking.


 I had issues with my sinuses after having Covid and months later it was just not clearing up.  I took a course of treatment (2 months) and dryness, soreness as well as the headaches was gone.  Helped me greatly with stress issues alongside other.

Julia, Basingstoke.

Therapy Massage

That was the best massage I have ever had. I went to sleep !

Usha, Newbury. 

Marma Massage

Exceptional. I have tried so many other therapists and none compares with Lara. Such a lovely feeling of peace and calm and a string release of unwanted energy. The best !

Elisabeth, Farnborough.

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